Serving South Florida in Congress

Ted was first elected to represent portions of Broward and Palm Beach counties in Congress in an April 2010 special election. In the six years he has served our community in Washington, Ted has earned a reputation as an energetic voice for the people of South Florida and the values that define our community.

As the sponsor of the Udall-Deutch Democracy for All Amendment, Ted is a leader in the national movement to overturn Citizens United, McCutcheon, and other Supreme Court rulings responsible for letting corporations and a handful of billionaires gain even more influence in our elections.

He is also a steadfast defender of voting rights, having played an instrumental role in derailing Governor Rick Scott's illegal, error-ridden purge of Florida's voter registration rolls in advance of the 2012 elections. Ted also serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where he was elected as Ranking Democrat for the Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa.

In addition to authoring some of the toughest sanctions ever enacted by the United States to thwart Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, Ted co-wrote and passed the U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 to enhance U.S.-Israel cooperation in areas like security, energy, and agriculture.

Ted has also been a vocal defender of U.S. foreign aid, arguing that promoting global health and basic human rights around the world is vital to our national security interests. Ted's commitment to progressive values like basic fairness and opportunity for all have guided much of his work in Congress. He has sponsored legislation to raise wages for low-income Americans, guarantee paid leave to working families, and invest in job-creating areas like infrastructure, research, and education.

As a member of the Congressional out of Poverty Caucus, Ted believes we have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable and enact policies that ensure every child has a fair shot at the American dream. Ted considers the opportunity to serve in Congress a great honor and a continuation of his lifelong commitment to bettering the community and the world.